From Farm to Fress

The Fress Fine Foods story began in September 2016 when Chief Fresser, Julian Back, decided he wanted to bring back storytelling to the dinner table.  Fress Fine Foods’ signature product is Chopped Liver Spread, a robust and flavourful Jewish schmear (Yiddish for spread) that stems from European Jewish cuisine.

Fress Fine Foods Chopped Liver Spread is made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients from Ontario farms, including free run chicken livers, caramelized onions, and schmaltz. When eaten, Fress Fine Foods Chopped Liver Spread brings back memories of dinner at Bubbie’s house and, when tried for the first time, it will inspire a whole new generation to share the story.

Fress Fine Foods Chopped Liver Spread goes well on a charcuterie board, on crostini, or with your favourite cracker.  It can also be used as an ingredient, bringing a new twist to classic favourites like Beef Wellington, or sautéed with mushrooms in a Chicken Marsala.

The Fress Fine Foods mission is to create great-tasting food experiences inspired by tradition. Entertain with Fress Fine Foods and make long lasting food memories.

Chief Fresser

Chief Fresser Julian Back was born in Cape Town, South Africa and raised in Toronto, Canada.  From an early age, the rich tradition of Jewish food was an integral part of Julian’s upbringing. Every high holiday, Shabbat dinner or Sunday brunch, food brought family and friends together.

While Julian was growing up, Chopped Liver was always the “King of the Appetizers” when it was brought to the table. Now, Julian is introducing Fress Fine Foods Chopped Liver Spread back to the dinner table to inspire storytelling and share new food memories with your friends and family.



Where to Fress

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